Friday, May 14, 2010

Chief Heckawee's Spiritual Journey to His Youth

The Chief rolled out of camp a bit late but caught a break with a tailwind that kept him steady in the big ring and 1Zing north to a Best Western somewhere he never thought he'd be. Heckawee Brave danced into the night rejoicing knowing the Chief was somewhere with a 6-pack and a bottle and plenty of happytimes. Though he'll never get to Champaign.
Turns out he's not trying to get to Champaign. Till tomorrow. So the Chief remains happy on day 2 of his spiritual journey to his youth even though the winds have shifted bringing a pleasing cool and crispy 9-mph headwind. He's trucking on though with 1Z in mouth and his hands on the bars.
Heckawee Brave wish they could find their youth along side the Chief. Sorta-sad-but-happytimes for the Brave. Keep on truckin', Chief!
Meantime, Guapo and Chump are headed off to McMinnville in hopes of channeling Coach's Tennessee form...
Promise to keep the Brave posted... Promise.

Sunday, March 21, 2010