Monday, April 27, 2009

Chief milestone number 53!

The Chief led Heckawee on a tour of Saint Louis to celebrate another year. The celebration was without pain and smiles. Everyone got a chance to feel the spirit of Saint Louis in the form of a 30 mph headwind along the bottoms of a TT.

Nearing the end of the Chief's day in the sun, the Professor was found at El Guapo's bachelor party toasting $3.25 Bood Lights at the Broadway Oyster bar, a mere couple miles from where Bood Light is born.

Magic buses and mushrooms: Molteni runs from Mississippi to Ohio. (April 18th)

Spirited and fresh, Molteni set off on a journey of exploration. A trip with running that would leave him beaten and new.

Here he sets off through the trail of tears.

After finishing in the trail of tears, Molteni looked only for a place to sit down and found a port-a-potty on the side of the road to cleanse.

The magically morels were out along the path and Molteni's team had a feast.

And made it to the Ohio trippin.

Update on El Guapo: he found his tacos all where he left them.