Monday, November 30, 2009

Heckawee Blog is Back.

Somehow, it's been months since Heckawee has updated its adventures, yet Heckawee, as usual, has not wavered it its traditions despite rainy days, broken clavicles, more bad batches of Cave Creek, many good batches of inspirations, and inspirations from south of the equator.

Tales of the 1 lb Supermax bbq sandwiches and the men who ate them will be told as will the tales of the men who did not eat them--these men have since handed their peace pipes over to proper authorities. So too will come the tales of the Professor's love affair with a busload of wine trail enthusiasts and Will's meatballs.

Rumors are circulating via Heckawee shaman that the Coach, Mike Magnuson, will be showing up to race this weekend. Stay tuned...
Here's a couple shots displaying Heckawee skills from this past weekend: