Monday, June 22, 2009

Southwest Wisco Day 2: You want donuts with that?

After fueling up at the Kwikery in Platteville, Heckawee were led to a new settlement of women in Lancaster, WI. They could not stay as Coach had them on strict schedule.

But the day was too beautiful and the climbs too long and the views too inspiring to stay on track. They traveled in the wrong direction and GPS took over to get them back to Mount Hope in time to meet 60 bikers at a friendly establishment.
Guapo discovered a new friendly species.
Another day without Pittz.

Southwest Wisco Day 1: Baked fish.

Heckawee Elders were summoned to meet in the settlement of Mineral Point, Wisconsin, to explore new routes.

They found the terrain to be fertile and filled with friendly tribes serving fresh moldy cheese and sausage with a array of beers to select. They also found this place to be a pain in the ass to travel around in.

Ah, but they didn't always have stinky wine and cheese and sausage. Sometimes they drank Old Milwaukee and cheeseburgers and wrinkly fries. The elder woman drank Old Style.
Guapo dreamed happy dreams in this new land.

Madison Schpinner!

Coach became a bubble bee for a spin around the paths to and around the isthmus.
And at the Terrace, beverages were refreshing as the Chief described his thoughts on settling north of the humidity line.
Guapo listened with his best behavior in what seemed to be deep concentration, though he had really just discovered the bratwurst on the grill.Coach led the final journey intent on returning to sandbag the Ronde!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Heckawee Blister Surgery.

Heckawee Nurse diagnosed Dave with stupidity and a friction burn on the palm of his hand from sliding across pavement during the O'Fallon Grand Prix.

After a few days of discomfort and growth of fluids, an old world surgery took place with a chianti sedatement. First Heckawee Nurse marinated and sucked puss from the blister:

Then began to skin the injury like a chicken leg:Removing the skin unveiled a meaty layer of white meat:
So did Dave learn from his mistake?